16 de mai de 2009

hinos do neu #1

Seguinte: vou começar a colocar aqui as músicas que fazem as noites do Neu tão legais. Então baixa o som, acompanha as letras e sai pro abraço no fim de semana. Segura o primeiro:

:: Go Ballistic - Ghislain Poirier feat. Zulu

When the world breaks down
All the people dem a turn pure rebel
Ain’t no rules right now
The situation reach a higher level

When everybody
Go ballistic
If uou want it
Go ballistic
You got it
Go ballistic
I will tell you
Go ballistic

Can you hear that sound?
They fight oppression with the bass and treble
(Fight the pressures with the bass and treble)

He’s on his soapbox
In the middle of the street a suit in all the heat
Tell it to people who he believes, the nonsense he’s preaching going reach
True dissident talk
Anybody with a brain knows by now
Graduate to the stage, you draw the big crowd?
Propaganda or you get shot down


You got that gangsta gangsta

Till you become somebody’s baby father
then all of a sudden you wanna try
change up your ways
And now you rush for straight job
but ain't no working stiff
could ever just resist
All of the things you miss
you still reminisce
about old days.

Those guns you did a keep inna the suitcase
That time you did a broke inna de bank safe
Some youth you did a rob under the drug haze
Right time you end up dead inna the wrong place

-all the dirt you did, you get away with it

For your reflection look inna the youth face
-all the days you lived were never positive
Could it be leaving was a blessing for the childs sake?

That’s Not Your Story...

These are the DAYS of hunger, the nights of thunder
Nobody safe no more
Take a look at all the STRESS we’re under and it’s no wonder
the needy get ignored

ZULU man him a de Boss pon de riddim, anytime
when me kill dem all de people jump, Dem sure
Seh dem recognize the vibes of the number one sound in the
middle of the country where dem all tour….I said that before

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